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This website is dedicated to the Aeronca Sedan classic taildragger and in particular to N1331H, our Switzerland-based Sedan, which underwent complete restoration, between 2005 and 2010. Since only sparse information about this aircraft type is available in books and on the internet, we would like to share with you in pictures and text our experiences made, during the Restoration process and while Flying the plane. 

Aeronca's history as an aircraft and parts manufacturer is treated in short form. And while the Sedan Gallery offers pictures, videos and information about many examples of the type, the Videos page is strictly a video collection. Clicking on Publications will lead you to some fascinating reading about the Sedan. Another illustrated page presents the few Scale Models we know of. If you are a returning reader, the News page will conveniently lead you to those specific pages that have been updated since your last visit. 

We now wish you a smooth and enjoyable flight across these pages!

Monika & Matt Sieber


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