Learning to fly an Aeronca Sedan

N1331H isn't part of this photo album (yet), instead another Sedan is: Preparing for the day, when our Sedan restoration would be completed, Matt began to look for a possibility to receive flight instruction and pass his Biennial Flight Review on this aircraft type, which is so rare here in Europe. The idea was to either find a Sedan that he could rent and a flight instructor who would teach him on it or to find a Sedan owner who also is a flight instructor. 

Joe Abrahamson of the National Aeronca Association introduced him to his long-time friend, Gareth Gilson, a corporate pilot, flight instructor AND Sedan owner! A very generous and helping man, he offered to fly with Matt in NC1054F, his 1948 Sedan, which is based at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport in Arizona. The following pictures were taken in May 2007. 

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Photos © Matthias Sieber

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