Mercury Aeronca Sedan, 1/7 Scale

The kit producer Mercury was based in London. Their Aeronca Sedan turned out to be a beautiful scale construction, apart from its large dihedral which was necessary for free flight. 

The blue and cream colored Sedan (photos 02-03) was built as an uncontrolled free flight model by Howard Gostelow of the Australian Gold Coast, back in 1984. It spans 65-5/8" (167 cm) and is powered by a 1,5 ccm Sabre Diesel engine. Howard says, his Sedan flies beautifully and never got damaged. Bravo! 

Unfortunately, we have no further information about the red and white, radio-controlled Mercury Sedan model shown in flight (photo 04), except that it is powered by an electric motor.

Dave Deadman's nicely built Sedan is pictured in photo 05. You may want to read his 7-page Construction Article published by the Flying Scale Models magazine, in 2005. 

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Photos © Matthias Sieber (01), Howard Gostelow (02-03), Unknown (04), FSM (05)

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