Scratch-Built Aeronca Sedan, 1/2,5 Scale

Featuring a huge wingspan of 15 ft (4,57 m), an impressive weight of 100 lbs (45 kg) and a 5.8 cubic in. two-stroke engine, this must be the biggest scale Sedan built, by now. 

While attending a Fly-In, during the early 90s, Dean Fleming and his Dad discovered NC1136H which was then based in Massachusetts. They used the opportunity to shoot lots of pictures of all the details and also took measurements. At home the two of them prepared a set of plans, manufactured the parts and built this wonderful large scale model in hundreds of hours. Fantastic! 

Dean reports  that the model's flying qualities came very close to its full size counterpart. Unfortunately, while piloted by its third owner, it fell victim to the fact that the weight/power ratio was also quite similar to that of the real Sedan. The model needed to be flown in a scale manner with shallow climbs and plenty of airspeed. The pilot did not pay enough attention to that factor and pulled this dream of a Sedan into the sky too steeply, causing it to stall and crash.

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Photos © Dean Fleming (01-02), Bill Pryor (03)

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