Sedan Gallery

This gallery presents, in order of their Serial Numbers, as many Sedans as possible of the 561 produced. The photos illustrate the versatility of this aircraft type and the various environments in which it is operated.  

Most photos are generously donated, some taken by ourselves and some found on the internet. Whenever possible, we ask for a photographer's permission, before publishing. Where this was not possible, we kindly ask the photographer to contact us, so we can either add his or her name or remove the concerned pictures. Photos of unknown origin are marked as "© Unknown".

If you fly a Sedan yourself or simply took a photo of one, please send us your pictures. They will become part of a unique collection that may be appreciated around the world.  

If you want to sell your Sedan, let us know and we will add a FOR SALE banner to your pictures at no cost. You may choose to have your contact details published together with your photos or we will forward to you any email inquiries that we receive through this website. We only request that you inform us, once the plane is sold. We need this feedback to keep the website up to date.  


Now including 206 Sedans in 1453 pictures and 6 videos. 11 Sedans are for sale.

Click on a thumbnail to open the respective album. The number between brackets indicates the number of pictures in that album. An asterisk * indicates additional video content which can also be found on the Videos page.

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