15AC-204 –– N1192H (07)

In 2010, Bill Eberhardt sent us the first three pictures of his 1948 Sedan project and reported:

"I recently purchased N1192H from an elderly gentleman who has been restoring her for the last 20 years. I am planning on finishing the project myself. I have a close friend who is an A&P with an IA, he has offered to help. I am hoping to have it flying within a year. The project has both, wheels and floats. I hope to earn my seaplane rating in her. She is currently in pieces in Ohio, I live in Maine and will be picking her up mid November." 

We look forward to adding more photos of the restoration progress, as we receive them.

Bill, we wish you a great time and success in getting your Sedan back into the air and onto the water!

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Photos © Bill Eberhardt

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