15AC-301 – N1285H (12)

Owner Mike Hoag believes that this 1948 Sedan had been based in Florida, before he found it in Ohio. He just completed its total restoration, which was crowned with a successful first flight. This Sedan, another masterpiece just coming out of Mike's restoration shop, is now for sale. Here is his description of N1285H:

"Everything is new – fabric, sheet metal, windows, interior, fuel gauges, seat belts, S/S cables, Becker radio and transponder with encoder and 4-place intercom. Continental O-300-D engine with 1700 total hours, 3 hours since overhaul. Air Wolf remote oil filter, S/S exhaust, yellow tag 7650 prop. 8.5 tires and upgraded brakes. Airframe total time is 2300 hours. Long range (24 gallon) fuel tanks. The Aeronca Sedan is the most spacious and easiest to fly 4-place taildragger in the world!"

In April 2015, Mike emailed us the following update: "Matt, I just replaced the old incandescent landing and taxi lights with new, direct replacement Whelen PAR46 LEDs (Photo 12). They are brighter, only draw about half the current and are supposed to last forever."

FOR SALE – To inquire, contact Brian Safran (friend of owner) in Valley City, Ohio, USA:

Phone: 001 (330) 483-3278

Fax: 001 (330) 483-8041


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