15AC-341 –– N15AC (09)

This 1949 Sedan was originally registered as N1311H. A couple of years ago, current owner Brian Safran acquired the partly restored project. When the meaningful N-number N15AC became available, he jumped at it and reregistered the Sedan. In February 2014, Mike Hoag hauled N15AC off to his place, where the restoration will be completed alongside 15AC-475. Mike constructed a set of home made traveling wheels to make the fuselage fit inside the trailer. The plan is to present N15AC in new splendor at the 2016 Aeronca convention! 

Photo N1311H_01 was taken in 1967, location unknownPhotos N15AC_01-08 were taken in February 2014 at Brian Safran's place in Ohio, USA.

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Photos © Unknown (N1311H_01), Brian Safran (15AC_01-08)

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